Young people ‘need better careers advice’

Young people 'need better careers advice'

Young people in the UK may be in need of much better careers advice than they are currently getting, according to a recently published government report.

The National Careers Council's document Taking action: Achieving a culture change in careers provision was based on research from organisations including the CBI, British Youth Council and Nestle.

It was found that the majority of advice tends to be aimed at adults as opposed to young people, even though the latter are more likely to be unsure about how to stand out in their chosen industry or perform well in an interview.

Perhaps as a result, the Association of Colleges found that 70 per cent of youngsters are turning to their parents for careers help – although their experiences are potentially out of date and not what people can relate to in the world of 21st century work.

UK Commission for Employment and Skills commissioner Fiona Kendrick said: "Research shows almost half of UK employers have staff who are not making full use of their skills. Poor careers advice exacerbates this situation, and risks more young people being caught in careers where they fail to maximise their talents."

She added that it is vital not to turn a blind eye to this issue and to instead build a system that ensures young Britons always receive the best possible advice on their future careers.

It comes after ReThink Recruitment's Michael Bennett told Recruiter magazine that he thinks businesses should start talking to young women in particular while they are still at school if they want them to have the skills they need to enter science, technology and engineering roles.

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