Young couple tell of ghostly encounter

Young couple tell of ghostly encounter

A young couple who moved into their dream rented home have spoken of how they got caught up in a ghost story after they discovered the house was already inhabited.

Danielle Evanson and her boyfriend Brandon Waterton from Crewe in Cheshire managed to find a two-bedroom property and were overjoyed to move in together, they told the Mirror.

However, they soon began to notice unusual happenings. First, Danielle found items from her cupboards strewn around the kitchen and then they both heard strange banging noises coming from downstairs as they tried to sleep.

Events escalated and the young couple found themselves increasingly frustrated as taps started turning on by themselves and handprints appeared on windows and mirrors.

The final straw was when Brandon took some photos of Danielle and saw a white blur behind her. They looked on Facebook and managed to track down a group of paranormal experts, who gave them advice on what they could do to get rid of their unwelcome visitors.

It was found that their home had been built over an old burial ground and for some reason, one of the spirits of the dead people couldn't move on.

Danielle had to wave incense around each room before chanting a prayer in the living room and casting the spirit into the mirror, where it would be trapped.

"Brandon took the mirror outside and smashed it to pieces – before bringing in one of the shards of glass. The spirit was finally broken," Danielle recalled.

Ghosts usually get trapped in a place due to some kind of trauma or unfinished business from when they were on earth, which prevents them from crossing over as they should.

Many people encounter them, because they usually need help or direction in fixing whatever problem they are struggling with and so appeal to the living in the only way they can.

Unfortunately, this is often through strange noises and sudden messages, which tends to frighten people – but they won't realise this and will continue to do so.

If you think you have made contact with a spirit, it could be worth speaking to one of our mediums before attempting to cast it out, as it may be that they have a message for you.

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