Would you reveal your innermost thoughts to strangers?

Now you can read people's diaries online.

We've had Facebook and Twitter for several years now, as well as a number of other social networks designed to help us meet people and share things.

However, a relatively new one has been dubbed the 'anti-social network' – because it invites users to anonymously post diary entries but never reveal their identity.

Pencourage.com members don't even tell the administrators who they are, instead logging in under a pseudonym. They can then write up to 200 words a day about what they are doing, where they have been and how they feel, adding links to songs and pictures (not of themselves though, obviously) if they wish.

It means there are some raunchy entries about people having affairs with their bosses and many poignant messages from people who are clearly going through a tough time.

You might think anyone with any common sense wouldn't want to reveal their innermost thoughts to others all over the world – and that nobody would want to read them anyway – but you may be surprised.

An experiment carried out by the owners of the website involved putting a fake diary on the table of a coffee shop to see who would read it and who would hand it in, the Daily Mail reports.

Some 60 per cent of unwitting participants read the entries, which included sexual fantasies and details of a bereavement. Only 30 per cent turned a blind eye and ten per cent handed the handwritten book in.

It just goes to show that you never know who might be reading what you post online. Besides, even if you like taking a glimpse into other people's business, it might not be true anyway.

A recent survey by OnePoll found that a third of the female respondents lie about their lives or activities on social networks at least once a month, with more than a quarter trying to make what they are doing sound more exciting.

Some of the members of Pencourage.com add entries in order to get advice, but we think you'd be better off talking your problems through with a real person. If you've got an issue you just can't get your head around, why not book a chat on the phone with one of our psychic life coaches?

They won't tell anyone – and you won't have to risk your conversation popping up in a Google search!

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