Woman prepares for ‘Scariest Job in London’

Woman prepares for 'Scariest Job in London'

Many people would probably say their jobs are pretty frightening at times, but one woman in Britain can now lay claim to having the Scariest Job in London.

Andy Nyman and Jeremy Dyson – who created the hit West End show Ghost Stories – advertised the position back in April after staff at the Arts Theatre reported a series of unexplained happenings.

In fact, so unnerved were they that some refused to be alone in the building at night. A camera was put up to see if the culprits of all this fear could be caught – and it captured pictures of a mysterious grey figure moving around.

Rather than calling the Ghostbusters, Nyman and Dyson decided they wanted more information about this possible spirit resident, so advertised for someone to act as a night watchman for the theatre for one night only – Friday 13th June. When else?

More than 500 people applied for the position, which involves spending the whole night camped out with a torch and a notepad on which to record anything unusual that happens. Presumably a smartphone or camera would be handy to officially record images too.

After whittling down the list, corporate lawyer Holly Boyd was finally chosen as the successful candidate and she is now preparing for a trip to the West End for what could be the scariest night of her life.

"Holly's fascination with the paranormal, bravery and sense of humour made her the perfect candidate. Bring on Friday the 13th," said Nyman and Dyson.

We wouldn't be surprised if Holly does capture something supernatural, as theatres are renowned for being attractive to lingering spirits thanks to their age.

For example, the Theatre Royal Drury Lane can trace its history back to 1663 and is said to be the most haunted place in London. Actor Dan Leno is one of its ghostly residents – he went mad and died at the height of his popularity and can often be detected thanks to a smell of lavender backstage.

We're very envious of Holly's task – and if she doesn't have anything to report, we'd gladly ask our mediums to try the same thing and see if they can get in touch with some thespian spirits!

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