Woman claims spirits take control of her hand to write letters

Woman claims spirits take control of her hand to write letters (Liquid Library)

A woman in Scotland has unveiled a special gift, which involves spirits inhabiting the pen in her hand and writing messages to loved ones they've left behind.

Catherine Kennedy lives in a Scottish guest house, which she shares with her Italian husband Antonio. She first experienced a spiritual premonition when she was just eight years old, but was too young to understand what it meant, she told the Mirror.

Catherine began to realise the power of her supernatural gift some years later, when she felt an urge to pick up a pen and paper.

"I asked if anyone was there and my hand started tingling. Then I watched in amazement as my wrist was guided across the paper," she explained.

Four pages later, Catherine had written a letter in perfect Italian – despite not being able to fluently speak the language.

With the help of her husband, she came to understand that what she had written was in fact a message from Antonio's friend Ivo, who had passed away in Italy ten years earlier.

At first Antonio was sceptical, but when he noticed the handwriting was different to his wife's, he was fascinated by the translation.

Catherine encouraged her husband to connect with his friend and after picking up the pen, he too felt the same spiritual force.

"After that we came up with a system. Ivo would let us know when he wanted to talk by moving a hat from one side of the wardrobe to the other," she said.

Friends and family became intrigued by Catherine's unique gift and began asking if she could contact their deceased loved ones.

Since then, she has helped hundreds of people connect with spirits through a string of handwritten messages.

She knows that some will be dubious of her ability, but remains confident that she is keeping spirits alive through language.

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