Why you shouldn’t expect your wedding day to be perfect

Why you shouldn't expect your wedding day to be perfect

We have all heard the stories about girls who spend years, and sometimes even decades, planning their perfect wedding day. However, a new survey has revealed that for most, it never quite turns out exactly as they would like.

The research quizzed 1,000 women on what they considered to be their biggest regrets from their big day. Top of the list was a subject that has long been thought of as a bone of contention for brides. A total of 52 per cent claimed that the speech given by their husband's best man is something that they would change if they had a time machine.

As well as the general planning, a huge issue for people when they get engaged is the money that will be needed to put on the perfect ceremony. In these times of financial hardship, thousands of women are finding themselves having to scale back their plans, but more than a third still claim that they wish they had spent more on their wedding.

Also high on the list is hair and makeup, with an even higher proportion – 38 per cent to be exact – revealing they were not completely happy with how they looked.

This goes beyond cosmetics and also extends to the factor that is often seen as the biggest worry of all – the wedding dress. Regardless of the months of trawling through catalogues, bridal shops and websites, 32 per cent said they wish they had picked a different dress.

Although finances are often the main constraint, there is proof that even the super-rich cannot always have their perfect wedding. Former Sex and the City star Sarah Jessica Parker attempted to avoid the gaze of the worldwide media when she married fellow actor Matthew Broderick by opting for a black dress as opposed to the traditional white, but in hindsight she admits this was the wrong decision.

At least if you consult one of our relationship experts, you'll be reassured you're marrying the right man – and that's one thing to tick off your list. 

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