What does your workwear say about you?

Are people judging your office attire?

We all have to get dressed each day and many of those days involve going to a workplace in order to do our jobs.

This might mean selecting a suit or donning something slightly more casual if there isn't such a formal dress code – but have you ever stopped to think what your workwear says about you?

According to a new survey carried out by the Business is GREAT campaign, it might be giving out the wrong message to your colleagues, something that might mean you're not making the progress you'd like in your career.

The poll quizzed 2,000 people and found that almost half of the UK's population still judges others based on how smart they look at work. The Welsh are the most critical, with 50 per cent admitting they do this.

On the contrary, those in the East Midlands were less bothered by how clothing affected performance – only 37.7 per cent of respondents there said they were so judgmental, the Daily Mail reports.

However, it's when staff teeter on the brink of inappropriate that their colleagues tend to notice what they're wearing. A whopping 70 per cent of people revealed they would look down on a colleague if they sported ripped jeans to work and 51 per cent don't think a logo T-shirt is fit for the office.

Meanwhile, 40 per cent think women who wear mini-skirts are less effective at their jobs than those whose hemlines are lower.

When it came to celebrities that we look up to in terms of appropriate dress, the top three was made up of Sir Alan Sugar, interior designer Kelly Hoppen and Peter Jones of Dragons Den.

Fashion insider George Brescia recently told Time magazine that you can use any inappropriately dressed colleagues you've ever come across as an example of what not to do – just wear what they don't!

"There's so many different levels, so much subtext in the workplace and a lot of politics to deal with. If you really put yourself together, it brings in a whole different experience to work," he commented.

Dressing for success can involve building up your self-esteem, so if you feel yours is in need of a boost, why not talk to one of our psychic life coaches?

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