What are oracle cards and how are they used?

What are oracle cards and how are they used?

If you're a regular reader of these pages, then you'll know we have already discussed tarot cards in detail – hopefully, you might even have got in touch with one of our experts for your own reading.

However, you might also have heard of oracle cards, which aren't quite as well-known yet can be a useful tool for divination.

Here, we'll provide some information about them, explain how you can use them in your everyday life and detail how you can take your spiritual journey further by contacting a higher power regularly for guidance.

What are oracle cards?

Similar to tarot cards, the oracle is a deck of around 45 portrait-oriented cards that each feature a picture that has a meaning.

Their history does indeed start with the tarot, but oracle reading branched off and became its own form of divination approximately 200 years ago. We don't know exactly when, but there are records of French fortune-teller Marie Lenormand using the cards in the 18th and 19th centuries – she even gave Napoleon Boneparte's wife Josephine a reading and she is considered in France to be the greatest cartomancer ever.

Today, there has been a resurgence in the use of oracle cards and you can now purchase a variety of decks for all occasions, including those with pictures of angels, flowers and fairies.

Oracle cards differ from other forms of divination in that they focus mainly on the positive and inspirational options available to us, teaching us to progress with clarity and optimism.

This is because they involve contacting the angelic realms, which exist in a state of unconditional love and which we attract the attention of and tune into the energy of when we work with the cards.

How to use oracle cards

The first thing to do is choose an oracle deck that appeals to you. Even if you think you've made your choice based solely on the pictures, it may be that the cards have spoken to you on a subconscious level, meaning they are attuned to your energy.

Slight variations in the readings will exist from deck to deck, but as with tarot, the basics are the same. Perhaps you could get more than one deck to use for different occasions.

When you want to read the cards, ensure you are away from distractions such as the TV, chatty people and your to-do list, as they can interfere with the energy you receive. It may be a good idea to practise mindfulness or meditation before you start so that you can achieve a sense of peace.

Next, open your pack of cards and take them out. Touch each one so that your energy is passed through it and then fan them out on a flat surface. You may wish to ask Archangel Michael for guidance and protection at this point, but it's up to you.

There are several ways to draw the cards – the first is to simply pull one from the deck and use it as your guidance for that particular day or issue. The second is to take three cards to represent your past, present and future and then interpret them.

However, many people like to do a more in-depth reading by taking three cards for the past, four for today and five for the future, then laying them out in a pyramid shape. You can use the guidance notes that will come with your deck for interpretation and the outcome can relate to any aspect of your life, from love and relationships to work and travel.

The more you work with them, the more you'll realise what the cards are trying to tell you. However, remember that the deck is not like a Magic 8 Ball – you shouldn't be looking for the answers to yes and no questions as you're likely to be disappointed.

Instead, ask the Angelic Realm what you need to know today, or for a person's true intentions to be revealed. Also, be open to the guidance you receive and remember that nothing can happen unless you take action to make it so, even if it's just a slight change in your attitude.

Oracle cards are a great way to keep the angels with you and this will provide them with additional ways to bring you guidance in what you do.

However, reading oracle cards requires practice and you shouldn't be frustrated or assume they're not working if you don't get what you expect. Keep working with them and you'll become more attuned to their energy.

Remember that if you have concerns or need extra help, you can consult a professional by giving one of our clairvoyants a call. Many of them use divination tools including oracle cards, so check their details on our website to discover the expert you need.

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