What are angels and how can they help you?

What are angels and how can they help you?

Anyone who ever appeared in a school nativity play will have heard of angels as divine messengers. However, their role in our lives doesn't end with the school play or sitting on top of a Christmas tree once a year.

You may not be aware of it, but angels can help to influence our everyday lives, bringing calm during periods of stress and upheaval or even just guiding us towards decisions when we're struggling to gain clarity one way or another.

But what are angels?

Let's go back to basics to begin with. Angels are a specific type of spirit guide tasked with embodying energies such as compassion, love and healing and bringing them down to us here on Earth. They act in a protective role against negative experiences and are beings of love and light.

They are of a higher order than typical spirit guides – in short, the celestial beings are an integral part of the psychic universe.

Angels will usually assume the form of a human being because it helps us to connect with them more quickly, but they can appear in any form they wish depending on their current task.

There are a number of different angels, but the most commonly referred to – and the ones you'll probably have heard of – are:

•    Archangel Michael – for protection and removing unwanted situations
•    Archangel Gabriel – the angel of communication (and the one who appeared to Jesus)
•    Archangel Raphael – for healing (you will learn more of him if you have Reiki)
•    Archangel Uriel – for emotional restoration

How angels can help 

Angels can help human beings under almost any circumstances, no matter how small or large. You can call on them if you're in your car and feeling overwhelmed by a terrible, congested journey, or you can seek guidance on whether that property you've looked around is really right for your family.

You can call on angels to help you with examination or career anxiety – but you can also seek their loving light after the death of a loved one and your ensuing, bleak grief period.

Angels will show you the way to feeling contended, protected, loved and comforted, but they can also help you to connect with your higher self so that you can pass on your positive energies to others in need.

Once you start to listen to the angels, you should feel yourself becoming stronger and more intuitive – and therefore better able to cope with life's challenges.
Getting help from the angels

It's important to note here that angels cannot come into your life unless you call on them. They may attempt to reach out with love as they follow your progress, but that's the limit of their powers unless you are receptive. It's like picking up a phone when someone calls you – you can't have a conversation unless you pick up the receiver first. It's all down to free will, which the angels must observe, so they need permission to intervene.

Connecting with angels

You can easily put yourself in contact with your guardian angels; all you need to do is sit quietly, open your mind and invite them in. Imagine light flooding your body and the peace it brings, letting it wash away all your worries and fears.

Choose an angel (use our list above) and speak directly to them, saying you believe in them, thank them for their presence and request that they walk beside you.

If this is too difficult, book a consultation with a reputable psychic (such as our panel at PsychicsOnline) for assistance. They will be able to channel your particular guardian angel, who can then pass messages on straight to you and confirm their presence. Once this has been carried out, you can continue to communicate with the angels through psychics, but also alone during quiet time.

Certain objects might help you to reach your angels if you're having trouble or you can't take quiet time out during busy periods. For example, clear quartz, rose quartz and amethyst are all conducive to clarity and communication.

It's not working!

You mustn't expect your guardian angel to become a type of butler or servant – they can't act to make specific things happen. Instead, they guide you towards making the right decisions to instigate these events yourself.

In addition, you won't receive angelic help if you're asking for something that satiates the lower desires of your ego (you're not asking to win the lottery, by any chance, are you?). They can only assist in achieving your highest good.

Don't expect angelic intervention to work too quickly either – this isn't the celestial equivalent of 60 Minute Makeover. Instead, give them time and remember that even if things appear to be dark and bleak, angels could be acting at that very moment to open one of life's doors and guide you back into the light.

Finally, remember to be open to all kinds of signs that an angel has stepped in to guide you. Have you had a dream in which you saw a pleasant stranger offer you her seat on a train, for example? That may have been your angel. Maybe you have noticed a white feather flutter down beside you or have spotted a particular word over and over again? These could also be angelic signs; it's not always possible for them to appear in front of you like Gabriel did for the shepherds, so they may find other ways of communicating.

Asking for angelic intervention and knowing how to put it to good use could help you to overcome life's obstacles, so why not begin today?


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