US couple reveals home haunted by malevolent spirits

US couple reveals home haunted by malevolent spirits

Horror movie and paranormal enthusiasts may be flocking to the home of Deanna and Tom Simpson of Hanover in Pennsylvania, after they spoke of how it is haunted by a host of malevolent spirits.

The couple have lived in their bungalow on Maple Avenue for seven years and Deanna said they are more or less constantly bothered by ghosts and demons – but they can't move because they are not in a financial position to do so, the Daily Mail reports.

A film crew from Fox 43 even arrived to try to capture some of the ghosts on camera, but got more than they bargained for when member of the team Nick Petrillo said he had been scratched by an invisible force while carrying out the interview.

"[That's] because you're telling the story. Because you're putting it out there … right now that is their way of a warning," Deanna said, quickly tipping holy water on the hapless man.

Apparently, it all started after she dreamt there were two men standing over her – and when she woke up and opened her eyes, they were still there. Ever since, a mysterious entity has roamed the house, sometimes appearing as a seven-foot shadowy figure in photos.

The most frightening thing Deanna said she has seen is the reflection of a dead, blonde girl behind her in the bathroom mirror.

So far, a host of exorcisms has not made any difference and the Simpsons hope releasing their story will prompt someone to come forward with an explanation or solution. 

We think there can be lots of reasons why malevolent spirits are attracted to a home, although cases like this are very rare. A build-up of negative energy from the current or previous owners is often one of them, while spirits can become trapped because there is something trapping them in our realm.

You can rid negative paranormal entities from your own home by not letting unhelpful emotions build up and by talking problems through, whether that's with a family member or a psychic life coach.

However, we'd recommend that Deanna and anyone in a similar situation should talk to a medium, as it may be that the spirits are trying to send an important message. For example, could the blonde girl have been murdered and need her killer bringing to justice?

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