Tuning into the moon – how it could help you make better decisions

Tuning into the moon - how it could help you make better decisions

We are all well aware of the moon in the sky – many people like to watch its progress as it waxes and wanes among the stars. It's also well-known that our lives as we know them on earth would be nigh-on impossible without the moon's influence on tides and other phenomena.

However, did you also know that you can use the moon to help you make better decisions and get to know your own personality or tendencies?

The planets and constellations are most typically used for astrological purposes, but the moon's effects on how we feel can also be interpreted to help us learn more about why we might be experiencing particular emotions or tendencies.

It's believed the moon can help us see what we want from the future by better using what we already know about the past,

This is because it is the fastest-moving body in our solar system – bar smaller objects such as meteors, of course – and so moves through different signs of the zodiac particularly quickly. Indeed, it completes its cycle every 28.1 days, which is why we get to see a new moon almost every earth month.

Void of Course periods

The easiest way of using the moon predictively is to understand when and how a 'Void of Course' period works. This is the science part, so bear with us! The moon is believed to have certain effects as it moves through the various signs, such as Gemini, Taurus, etc every two-and-a-half days.

However, not all of these effects last for the same amount of time. For instance, Gemini might stop impacting upon the moon before the two-and-a-half days is up.

The pause in the end of the 'story' is referred to as the Void of Course – the official definition is 'the period of time from the moment the moon makes its last contact with a planet in the current sign of the zodiac until it enters the next sign'.

Their effects on us

Astrologers typically advise that it is best not to start a new activity when the moon is Void of Course, as they may not work out as we had hoped or could need a lot of adjustment if they are to come to fruition.

For example, you might not want to schedule a first date during one of these periods, or begin a big project at work.

However, there are lots of things that a Void moon can be good for – you don't just have to sit around doing nothing at these times! You may find that it's the ideal period to finish off and edit something you have already begun, or to make to-do lists of things you plan to achieve.

Getting rid of clutter should also be easier during Void periods, while socialising with friends or family is likely to be especially rewarding.

Phases of the moon

The phases of the moon can also be influential on our personalities. Generally speaking, it's good to start new things as it waxes from new to full, while projects are best concluded or prepared for as it wanes from full to new.

Be as spontaneous as you like when the moon is new and confront your problems when it reaches its first quarter, while the full moon can be viewed as a time for making revelations (it's up to you to decide which ones!).

Meanwhile, the final quarter of the moon is a good time to let go of negative emotions and the balsamic moon should be a period of reflection.

A new moon in Gemini

We can harness the power of the moon at different times of the year to assist us with particular issues. Since as we're writing this, the moon has just entered Gemini, let's use this sign as an illustrative example.

When the lunar body is in the sign of the twins, it's seen as a good time for us to unleash the power of our creative minds and be more curious. However, when we are influenced by gregarious Gemini, we tend to get distracted more easily, so it is important to concentrate on our interests fully as opposed to flitting from one thing to another.

It is also important to carefully consider what we really want during this new moon, as Gemini can cause us to be a little Jekyll and Hyde, saying we desire one thing when our true self actually feels differently.

However, when influenced by Gemini, what we declare as our intentions can have a special force, so it's worth thinking carefully about them, declaring them and putting them into action during June.

The moon and specific signs

Finally, the moon can have different effects on different star signs, so this is also worth taking into account.

Air signs (Gemini, Libra and Aquarius) can get more attuned to our lunar guide by acknowledging their feelings before they try to express their emotions. In contrast, fire signs (Aries, Leo and Sagittarius) can harness the compassion of the moon by giving time for their feelings to emerge rather than just expressing them.

Lucky water signs (Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces) are already likely to have a natural inclination towards intuitions, while earth signs (Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn) should consider the planet the moon is aspecting into in order to better understand their circumstances.

There is lots more information about the moon in astrology available, but feel free to call one of our guides at PsychicsOnline to understand how to use it more specifically.

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