Trust your dreams – they could make you rich

Trust your dreams - they could make you rich

A waiter has scooped a share of a £1 million lottery jackpot – after he dreamt he would win big in the lucky draw.

Fatih Ozcan was working at the Kapadokya Turkish restaurant in York when he had a vivid dream in which he was holding a huge handful of cash and showing it to his boss.

A strong believer in precognition from dreams, he realised this meant that if he was to win the lottery, his manager would have to be involved in some way.

As a result, he badgered restaurant owner Hayati Kucukkoylu for three hours the following day to convince him they should buy a ticket together.

He eventually agreed and Mr Ozcan duly left the restaurant with £9 to spend on the Euromillions draw.

That night, their luck came in and the pair matched the winning raffle number printed at the bottom of their ticket.

Unfortunately, the case went to court following a disagreement over ownership of the ticket, but judge Mark Gosnell ruled the jackpot should be split two ways after CCTV footage showed the two men filling the slips in together and paying half the stake.

Apart from the falling out after the win, it just goes to show how fortuitous dreams can be in helping us when we need assistance.

We were reminded of the Daily Mirror article back in 2011 that reported how a woman named Deana Sampson won £5.4 million on the lottery after a dream in which her dead brother told her she would scoop the jackpot.

She was at her lowest ebb after his death and a series of other tragedies, but the win allowed her to start a new life and even set up her own business to provide new focus for her energies.

Of course, dreams can't always provide you with big lottery wins, but they could be the key to a better future and an indication of the path you might take in life. To discuss your night-time stories, why not contact one of our psychic experts

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