Traumatic childhood led to gift development for one medium

Traumatic childhood led to gift development for one medium

Medium to the stars Gordon Smith has been talking about how he realised he had a very special gift when he began to retreat into his own head after suffering as a result of a traumatic childhood.

Speaking to the Daily Express, he explained that he grew up in Glasgow in the 1970s and was privy to much of the violence that was going on in the city at that time. Unfortunately, he was also abused by someone his family knew.

To escape, Gordon said he learnt how to leave his body and enter a spiritual realm – and it was here that he realised he was receiving messages that were not from the land of the living.

For example, he saw his grandmother's partner shortly after he had died and before the family had been told of his passing. He also used to play with his cousin Stephen, who had died from cancer aged 11, something that gave his aunt Sylvie great comfort.

It was only as an adult working in a hair salon that Gordon realised he was wasting his gift. One night, he was visited by the spirit of a young man. Ten minutes later, the police knocked on his door to say that his colleague Chrissie had been in a house fire and that her brother – the man he had seen – had died.

Shortly afterwards, Gordon started working as a medium and said he now feels hugely rewarded by being able to give people peace. One day, a woman whose son had disappeared during an army exercise came to him and Gordon was able to tell her where the boy's remains could be located.

It is for this reason that the medium continues sharing his gift, something you can read more about in his new book Best of Both Worlds.

You can hear more incredible stories like this from our very own mediums at PsychicsOnline, who may also be able to put you in touch with someone on the other side.


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