Thinking about your partner could decrease stress levels

Thinking about your partner could decrease stress levels

We all tend to get a little bit stressed sometimes – but a study has suggested that thinking about your partner could be enough to alleviate it and return you to a much calmer state of mind.

A team led by Sarah Stanton from Western University in Canada looked at the blood glucose levels in 183 participants and asked them to think about their current romantic partner, whereupon the figure was examined again.

It was found that when the people involved in the study thought about their partners, there was a noticeable rise in glucose and a boost in mood for a short time. No similar effects were noted when the participants were asked to think about their morning routine or other aspects of their life.

Writing in the journal Psychophysiology, the study authors explained that drawing up memories of someone you love is enough to create 'eustress', which is the opposite of distress.

"Essentially, love gives you a 'rush' both physically and psychologically. The 'stress' of love is linked with positive emotions, not negative emotions of any kind," said Stanton.

Even better, the results were the same whether people had been with their partners a long time or not, contrary to popular belief that it is only the honeymoon effect that keeps couples so closely linked to one another.

Not only is it nice to think that we are so connected to our loved ones that we get a boost whenever we think about them, but the news could be beneficial to our health. Previous research has found that positive emotions may be enough to protect us from depression and anxiety.

You could experience these effects by bringing in grateful thoughts about your partner to your mindfulness practice, or talking about them during psychic life coaching sessions.

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