Theatre captures chair moving after medium’s show

A ghostly presence may have stayed on following an event in Essex.

CCTV at a theatre in Essex may have captured footage of a spirit moving a chair following an appearance by a medium.

Brookside Theatre in Romford had played host to an event in which people were invited along to talk to their lost loved ones through a local man who can make contact with them.

However, it was after everyone had gone home that the final spirit seemed to make its presence felt. Footage of the empty room shows one chair in what would be the audience's section moving back as though to accommodate an invisible body.

Theatre manager Jai Sepple said staff there are almost used to unusual activity by now, as this isn't the first thing that has happened.

"We have had darts hitting walls in an empty room, people being pushed when no one was there and even a child's bare footprints coming from nowhere. This certainly takes some explaining," he added.

It may have been that one of the spirits contacted by the medium wasn't quite ready to go back to their higher place after seeing their loved one again and simply wanted to linger before moving on.

There seems to have been a raft of paranormal activity lately, with Sefton Paranormal Investigators also capturing some astonishing footage during a night-time stay at Stanley Palace in Chester.

As the team sits in front of a staircase, orbs of light start to appear – and then three figures that look like children in old-fashioned clothing appear on the steps above, watching the proceedings.

They insist they didn't see anything at the time and only realised the ghostly figures when reviewing the footage, which is well worth taking a look at yourself.

Brookside Theatre could well be a good place for spirits to come through, as it was originally opened to commemorate residents, civilians and service personnel from Romford who were killed in the Second World War.

It was also formerly the Romford War Memorial Old Folks Club, so some of the previous elderly residents might have wanted to return to a place where they spent happy times.

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