The bad habits that could put dates off

The bad habits that could put dates off

Most of us have at least one bad habit that we'd probably prefer to hide from a prospective partner. However, a new poll has revealed those that could cost you a second date with someone new.

Researchers at quizzed 2,139 UK residents to ask them about domestic behaviour and the types of things that would most put them off someone else.

It was found that the top bugbear among women was hair in the plughole, with 41 per cent citing it at the top of their list – although whether this means they carry out bathroom inspections on every man they meet, we're not sure.

Leaving clothes on the floor came second, followed by letting nail clippings go all over the carpet. The top five was rounded out by having excessive wind and interestingly, compulsive cleanliness. You can be clean, boys, but not too clean.

The top five for men included leaving dirty dishes lying around, having excessive wind, having a mouldy bathroom, leaving the toilet seat up and leaving clothes all over the floor.

When asked how important these bad habits are in terms of being a deal-breaker or not, 56 per cent of respondents said they couldn't be in a relationship with anyone who had what they considered to be the worst examples, while 12 per cent admitted they'd learn to live with them if it meant being in a relationship with someone they thought was otherwise just fine.

Nearly a third revealed they would attempt to change the person involved to drum that bad habit right out of them.

"Whilst this breaks the age-old stereotype that men are the slobs, one does have to question how someone could jeopardise a potential relationship for something as trivial as a plug full of hair or a messy floor," commented a spokesperson for

In its own relationship tips, eHarmony also cautions against being too available, playing hard to get too much and online stalking.

If you want to double-check you're not making any of these dating faux pas, why not book a session with one of our psychic life coaches?

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