The practice of tarot can trace its history back to the mid-15th century, but it was from the late 1700s onwards that it rose to prominence among mystics, psychics and believers in spirituality as a method of divination – the mapping of mental and spiritual pathways.
We still use tarot widely today and it is highly regarded as a method of assisting those who feel they need help with decision-making on a regular or occasional basis.

What is a tarot deck?
A tarot deck is a set of cards that each feature pictograms and titles to represent specific concepts. Many see the Rider-Waite deck, created in 1909, as the definitive deck, but some psychics use other types depending on personal preference and connection.
The types of cards, suits and meanings are always the same, but the illustrations differ and may come in various themes, for example, fairies or dragons.
Within each deck, you’ll find the Minor Arcana and the Major Arcana.

Minor Arcana
This includes four suits: wands; swords; cups; and circles (or pentcles). Cards within them are numbered one to ten and related to day-to-day events.

Major Arcana
These cards are numbered one to 21 plus the Fool and represent ideals and concepts. They deal with life’s bigger events.

Interpreting the cards
When you have a tarot reading, you can either opt for a question reading or an open reading. In the former, you address a specific issue and use the results as a guide to decision-making.
In the latter, you’ll address the more wide-ranging aspects of your life, which can be useful during tumultuous times or periods of upheaval.
It’s important to point out that the tarot can only help you to contact your more spiritual self and guide you, rather than coming up with definitive answers and instructions.
The reader will lay the cards out in a spread. Each card position has a significance, combinations of cards can be interpreted in certain ways and the individual cards all have specific meanings too.

Examples of tarot card meanings
What cards you get and in what position is likely to differ for each reading, but, as we mentioned above, the cards always mean the same individually. A few examples of tarot cards and their interpretations include:

Emperor cards
Upright: Competitiveness, authority, self-control
Reversed: Weakness, loss of authority, being manipulated

Angel cards (or Temperance cards)
Upright: Co-operation, maturity, an ability to adapt
Reversed: Imbalance, poor judgement, restlessness

Death cards
Upright: The beginning of new life, transformation and change
Reversed: Refusal to face fears, reluctance to change

Apparent contradictions are a possibility in tarot, for example, if you draw a Major Arcana card in one reading, but then get a Minor Arcana card on the same subject during your next one. However, the interpretation of this would be that the particular issue is waning in importance as opposed to the reading being ‘wrong’.

Seek an expert to get the most from tarot
As you can see, while tarot cards themselves are not complicated, interpreting their meaning can be difficult for a layperson. That’s why it is always best to seek an expert in tarot readings if you want to get the best out of each session and be provided with expert advice on each particular spread. If you’re interested and want to get in touch with someone who can perform a reading for you, simply visit Psychics Online today.

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Goldey aims to bring clarity where there is confusion, hope where there is worry, happiness where there has been sadness. Goldey is clairaudient, which means she senses a great deal from your voice, as well as clairvoyant and clairsentient but Astrology is Goldeys fortay. In order to get the most ou


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Samantha is a fantastic tarot card reader, she specialises in Love and relationships, career or work and family matters. Samantha will help guide you through a tough patch in your life and help you to see the light at the end of the tunnel!

Pay By Credit / Debit Card

Receptionist available from 7am to 2am Call 0207 111 6338
£16.80 for 20, £22.80 for 30
& £28.80 for 40 minutes *

Pay By Phone Bill

Enter reader PIN when prompted to Call 0906 265 0701
£1.02/min + network extras
* Prices include vat
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