Spirits are all around – and you can tune in

Spirits are all around - and you can tune in

It's officially October, which can only mean one thing – millions of adults and children around the world will soon be dressing up in their scariest, spookiest costumes to ask that one question we're all familiar with: trick or treat? Yes, it's the month of Halloween. So with the recent – and spookily apt – news about the ghost that was caught on CCTV at a New Mexico police station, how can you really tune into spirits?

When officer Karl Romero was sitting on duty in the surveillance room of Espanola police station, the last thing he expected to see on the CCTV footage was a phantom figure walking across a secure, alarmed area, the Express reports.

When questioned about the video, officer Romero expressed his belief in ghosts and the supernatural – and research shows he is not the only one. In 2010, the Demonic Britain Report revealed that 900 sightings of supernatural activity had been reported over the past 25 years. Yorkshire was named as Britain's most demonic county, with 74 instances of reported spirit sightings. 

Despite this, there is much scepticism surrounding the existence of the supernatural. In order to address the topic, the Express decided to hold a debate on whether the afterlife is real or simply a myth.

One participant in full belief of ghosts and spirits was psychic Henry Cummings. Describing how to tune into a presence, he said: "You feel them. You have the various senses that come with the sixth sense and the main one is what you call clairsentience, which is clear-feeling.

"When you see a spirit, you don't actually see it with your physical eye. You see it with what they call your third eye, which is an energetic eye – and it's very much a mental process."

If you learn how to develop your third eye, then you can eventually tune in and begin to see the supernatural, he added.

However, Professor French – who has a great interest in human psychology – believes that spirits are simply a superstition, blaming the reports on the mind playing tricks.
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