Seven out of ten men ‘lie on first date’

Seven out of ten men 'lie on first date' (Liquid Library)

If you've ever been sceptical of what a man has told you about himself during a date, then you could have every right to be – because new research has revealed that seven out of ten men admit to telling a white lie on a first date.

The survey, conducted by, questioned British men aged between 18 and 35 about how honest – or not – they are when on a first date with a woman.

It was found that around 70 per cent of men are happy to tell lies to make themselves look better, in the hope it will impress their female companion.

Salary figures came out as the most lied about topic, with two-thirds (63 per cent) of respondents admitting to exaggerating the number on their pay cheque. This led to 54 per cent over-playing their career status, such as claiming to be chief executives when really they work in a post room.

A worrying 34 per cent of men said they had told their date they were single, when really they were in a relationship.

And some chose not to disclose important personal information; one in 50 respondents didn't mention their divorce and two per cent even said they had no children – when in fact they did.

Fitness was also shown to be a grey area, with almost one-fifth of men questioned lying about the last time they'd exercised.

A spokesperson for said: "Interestingly, men also expected their date to be hiding the truth on a few subjects – so ultimately it was unlikely that anybody would have a totally honest full date – which may be understandable at such an early stage of a prospective relationship."

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