Scots are most loved-up in Britain

Scots are most loved-up in Britain (Liquid Library)

With 70 per cent of the adult British population in a relationship, it would only seem appropriate to say that we're a nation of romantics, right? Wrong – kind of. The longer people stay in relationships, the less likely they are to say 'I love you' on a daily basis (except in Scotland).

As part of a study into love and relationships, YouGov conducted a poll to investigate the science of love over time. It was revealed that of the couples across the UK who had been together for two to five years, over 50 per cent said 'I love you' to their other half every day. However, this figure dropped to 33 per cent for those in relationships that have lasted more than ten years, and to 18 per cent for partners who had been together for more than 50 years.

But for couples in one particular country, declaring their love for each other is very much part of their daily vocabulary. Yes, it was Scotland that came out as the most loved-up location in the UK.

Figures from the poll showed that 41 per cent of Scottish couples say 'I love you' to their other half every day, with 16 per cent saying they were head over heels, and an additional 52 per cent claiming they are definitely in love.

In contrast, it was found that people in relationships in Wales are the least likely to declare their love to their partners.

So from the results, it can be said that those in long-term relationships – of ten years or more – become less loved-up over time. But according to British actor Clive Owen – who has been married to his wife Sarah-Jane Fenton for nearly 20 years – this is not the case. In a recent interview with GQ magazine, he said love "gets stronger" as you get older.

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