Romantic wedding proposal couldn’t get much higher

Romantic wedding proposal couldn't get much higher

Women who have been lucky enough to receive a wedding proposal might tell you they felt as though they were high above the clouds afterwards – but one happy lady can truthfully say this was exactly the case for her.

Kirsten Hussey, 30, was subject to one of the most romantic proposals we've seen in ages when now-fiance Craig Hanley, 37, decided to pop the question at the top of Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa, the Daily Express reports.

The pair had been part of a five-day trek for charity that involved negotiating their way through dense rainforest and then across rocky terrain, all the way to the top of the daunting peak.

"It had been on my mind and I thought it would be a great opportunity to ask Kirsten to marry me in a fantastic setting," explained Craig. "On the last section of the walk I had to keep focused on my plans for asking her to marry me to keep me going."

When they finally reached the summit, the joiner got down on one knee and fumbled in his pocket for the ring, whereupon Kirsten feared he had collapsed with altitude sickness.

"[Then] I noticed the one-knee posture and his words were sort of sinking in through complete shock," she added.

The stunned climber said yes and the Lanarkshire-based couple plan to get married next year – we wonder how the venue will ever top the proposal site?

It has been a busy couple of weeks for extravagant proposals. The Scottish Daily Record recently reported how 27-year-old landscape gardener Andy Cameron popped the question by cutting the words 'marry me' into the grass at the hotel where he and his girlfriend Kayleigh Hawthorn work.

All he had to do was text her to go upstairs and she could see the lettering on the lawn.

She also said yes and the management came outside to celebrate. However, perhaps Andy was tasked with putting the grass back to normal when all the excitement had died down.

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