Researcher: We’re looking for the wrong alien signs

Researcher: We're looking for the wrong alien signs

A research has insisted that we might have missed out on finding extra-terrestrial life in our solar system or even universe because we have been looking for the wrong signs.

Dr Mark Claire from the University of St Andrews explained that scientists have been looking for oxygen, ozone or methane in the atmosphere of planets in a bid to see if they share any of the same characteristics as Earth.

However, the Register reports, this may not be enough to sustain life – Dr Claire insists they all need to be present at the same time.

His colleague Dr Shawn Domagal-Goldman added an analogy that may make it easier for the layman to understand – think of students and pizza.

"If you see pizza in a room, and there's also college students in the room, chances are the pizza was freshly delivered, because students will eat the pizza quickly. The same goes for methane and oxygen. If both are seen together in an atmosphere, the methane was freshly delivered … The best way to replenish methane in the presence of oxygen is with life," he explained.

Their comments were made in an article in The Astrophysical Journal.

Meanwhile, people who believe the Texan city of Roswell was home to some alien activity several decades ago got excited last month, when strange lights appeared in the sky 666 miles away from the site of the original alleged UFO crash landing.

Perhaps it could be that they were aliens looking for their lost fellows – and that would certainly save researchers the job of worrying about which elements need to be present to support alien life on other planets.

Of course, there are many people who believe that aliens have already visited Earth on a number of occasions, bringing with them technology that helped to advance our own civilisation. 

For example, the Ancient Egyptians are often said to have benefited from an extra-terrestrial visit to help them with their enormous stone buildings. To chat about your beliefs, why not drop one of our psychics a text?

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