Poll shows widespread belief in spiritual and supernatural

Poll shows widespread belief in spiritual and supernatural

Our American cousins might assume that British people are buttoned up and reluctant to show their emotions, but it seems we're all more in touch with our spiritual sides than we're given credit for.

One Poll carried out a survey of 2,000 adults to mark the UKTV premiere of Believe, a new programme about a young girl who has mysterious powers that could change the world.

Each person was asked about their beliefs, superstitions and how spiritual they are, before the results were extrapolated to find out about the population as a whole.

It was found that 55 per cent of us have faith in the supernatural and superstition, while ten per cent even think they have at least one supernatural power, the Daily Mail reports.

A quarter of these can regress to past lives, 29 per cent can see into the future and 23 per cent say they are telepathic. We'll have to see if any of those surveyed were among our bank of psychic experts here at PsychicsOnline!

Meanwhile, a third of Brits say they are superstitious, with walking under ladders, breaking mirrors and touching wood taking the top three places in this list.

We also believe in the afterlife, with more respondents saying they think ghosts exist than any other supernatural or unexplained phenomenon – even UFOs. 

Finally, one in 25 people said they like to keep in touch with their more spiritual side, having their tarot cards read or consulting with psychics.

We think it's great to hear that people feel they can believe in whatever they like, as much comfort and guidance can be gained from the spirit world. It's also interesting that so many Britons feel they have some kind of supernatural ability.

However, powers such as this can be hard to interpret, so we'd always recommend seeking a reading or appointment with a true expert in the sixth sense or tarot cards if you want clarity on what's really going on in your life.

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