Pharrell Williams believes in aliens – but so do most of us

There really must be aliens out there, Pharrell has said.

Pop singer Pharrell Williams has revealed he is convinced there is alien life somewhere in the universe.

The Blurred Lines hitmaker told Stylist magazine outer space is just too big to assume that we're all alone here on Earth.

"How do you see all the stars and think there's nothing else out there? It's so incredibly arrogant and pompous. It's amazing that there are people who really believe that. It's unbelievable," he ranted.

Pharrell also revealed that he believes in God, but that we have an "innate ability to make decisions and to exercise our feelings as human beings" too.

However, Pharrell is by no means unique in his belief that the truth is out there and extra-terrestrial life does exist.

The Syfy Channel carried out a poll of 2,000 Brits to mark the return of its hit TV show Defiance and discovered that a whopping 68 per cent think there are aliens on another planet somewhere, while 56 per cent believe they have already visited at some point in the past – perhaps bringing new technology with them for us to adopt.

A further 23 per cent think alien species might be living among us in disguise, with this art of the poll revealing some particularly humorous results.

Some 31 per cent of respondents said Lady Gaga could well be an alien, while Tom Cruise received 16 per cent of the vote. Also on the list of potential extra-terrestrials were Justin Bieber, Simon Cowell and Boris Johnson.

Have you ever had an alien encounter? Or do you have a theory about them being among us, even if they don't happen to be in celebrity guise? If yes, we'd love to hear from you, so do give our psychics a call or drop us a line via email.

And we hope they're better than the claims by two men in Roswell, New Mexico recently, who appeared to be cashing in on the area's fame by claiming to have been abducted by aliens.

Unfortunately, they had been drunk and crashed their truck, so made up the story to avoid being arrested. It didn't work.

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