People ‘should practise talking to their pets’

Telepathy with your cat or dog could be possible.

Everyone would be able to have a telepathic conversation with their pets if they only gave themselves the time to listen, according to one expert in the field.

Sabine Poncelet, 43, told The National that she has long been able to channel her psychic abilities to talk to the animals, starting with a conversation with a group of cows when she was only a little girl.

She became convinced that this ability is not limited to those like herself who have some kind of special gift, but could be enjoyed by everyone who owns cats, dogs and anything else.

"Many people don't think their animals can understand them when they talk to them. But they do understand and they try to talk to us back, but we don't listen, or don't know how to listen," Ms Poncelet commented.

She now teaches classes on how to talk to animals telepathically in the United Arab Emirates, but she insisted that anyone in the world can learn and develop their own skills without tuition.

"We are born with it, but it's like a muscle that grows weak because we don't use it. But it is possible to strengthen it every day through meditation. You can reach a good level in three months if you work hard every day," the expert said.

Telepathy with animals is something that has been studied for a long time by academics, with Cambridge professor Rupert Sheldrake in particular dedicating lengthy periods to investigating the phenomenon.

In his book The Science Delusion: Freeing The Spirit Of Enquiry, which was serialised by the Daily Mail, he explained how he had found more than 5,000 anecdotes of animals displaying psychic abilities, including 177 cases of dogs responding to the death or suffering of their absent masters.

There were also lots of incidents that saw pets going to greet their owners just before they had actually returned home from work or a trip.

However, this is apparently not something confined to domestic pets, with naturalist William Long writing in 1919 that wolves seem to be able to stay in contact with pack members even when they are many miles apart.

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