Paranormal investigation heads to Liverpool Town Hall

Paranormal investigation heads to Liverpool Town Hall

A team of paranormal investigators is to head to Liverpool Town Hall to see if they can find proof that the building is haunted.

Sefton Paranormal Society has recruited 15 experts to explore all the nooks and crannies as part of a sponsored event to raise money for charity – but they had better be feeling brave, as the evening will take place on Halloween, the Liverpool Echo reports.

A vigil will begin at 21:00 GMT and finish at 03:00 GMT the following morning, with experiments conducted throughout the night to try and pick up on any unusual goings-on.

Organiser James Griffiths said he is looking forward to seeing what results the team gets.

"I am interested in the history of the building and we will have access right underground to a tunnel that has been blocked off and supposedly leads to the Mersey," he commented.

The original town hall dates right back to 1350, when it was a guild house and court, so this centuries-old building surely stands a good chance of holding a few spirits within its walls.

"People have reported feeling uneasy and there have been sightings, especially around the main staircase which is renowned to be haunted. When people go into certain areas they suddenly feel cold and there has been the sound of children's voices," James explained.

Fifteen additional tickets are available to members of the public for the event, which cost £55 and can be purchased through

You must be sponsored in order to take part and the money raised will go towards Claire House Children's Hospice.

Meanwhile, paranormal enthusiasts will be eagerly awaiting what crops up on the cameras and sound equipment.

The last ghost hunt at the town hall took place back in 1998, with Ghost-Quest reporting that the team had detected the presence of a little girl and a threatening man who was once in charge of the cells.

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