New survey reveals “date nights” and daily kisses are key to great relationships

New survey reveals "date nights" and daily kisses are key to great relationships (Thinkstock)

According to a survey conducted by Relate and Relationships Scotland, four out of five people claim to be in a happy relationship. But what factors can lead the way to an ultimate shared level of happiness?

To commemorate the launch of the new Two Together Railcard – which entitles two people aged 16 or over to reduced rail fares when travelling together – National Rail produced a poll to discover which factors people considered important for keeping their other half happy.

A total of 2,000 adults took part in the survey, which revealed that factors such as a romantic meal once a month, saying 'I love you' before going to sleep and kissing five times a day were regarded as crucial for a perfect relationship.   

Andrew Robertson, marketing manager at the Association of Train Operating Companies, said: "It's encouraging that today's perfect relationship is based on simple things such as meals out, travelling together to new places, daily kisses and telling each other I love you before going to sleep."

Research from East Coast Trains found that in Britain, the train is the most romantic form of public transport, with ten per cent of people finding love while on their travels and a further 20 per cent making a new friend.

Other indicators of a fruitful relationship included going on three "date nights" per week, sharing the same taste in films, apologising after an argument and cooking for each other.

Mr Robertson said: "It's clear that Brits aren't demanding lavish holidays or expensive presents for a relationship to be deemed faultless – it's more about appreciating the time you have together and telling each other you love them."

But despite the findings, many couples are still stuck in a relationship rut and are desperately trying to find true happiness. If you want to discover new ways to keep your relationship alive or find new love, contact one of our psychic experts for a tarot reading or psychic consultation.

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