Nashville actress discusses ghostly encounter

Nashville actress discusses ghostly encounter

Connie Britton from the hit US TV show Nashville has been talking about a ghostly encounter she and her son experienced while they were staying in New Orleans this summer.

The actress explained in an interview with Esquire magazine that she had been shooting a movie and took her little boy with her so she could spend more time with him during the school holidays.

They rented a big home in the city, situated in a beautiful neighbourhood. However, Britton got a rude awakening one night when her son woke up frightened and unsettled.

"I started to go back to sleep and I just jolted up and I got out of my room … and my friend was carrying my son up the stairs with him. He was screaming and crying and he says 'I don't want to go back in there, I don't want to see those boys in my room'," she recalled.

Although the child was eventually persuaded that there was nothing to be frightened of, Britton had been unnerved by the suggestion that ghostly children might be in her son's room and admitted that she didn't manage to get back to sleep herself.

The actress may have found out too late that New Orleans is often referred to as one of America's most haunted cities. A number of reasons have been put forward for this, but its many catastrophic events throughout history are most frequently cited.

For example, the city was struck by a yellow fever outbreak in 1853 that claimed thousands of lives, while everyone remembers the devastating Hurricane Katrina.

For this reason, New Orleans residents pay a great deal of attention to their dead and hold festivals each year to commemorate them. A good example is All Saints Day, when residents gather in the cemeteries to have picnics with their dearly departed.

Of course, there can be ghosts in any city, town or village and it may simply be that Britton's son was more receptive to the one in the New Orleans house, as many children are. Give one of our psychics a call if you'd like to chat about why.

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