Mother of the Bride – feeling left out?

Mother of the Bride - feeling left out?

Anyone who is married and had the traditional big wedding with all the trimmings will tell you that planning the whole shebang can be more than a little stressful – and that you should grasp any help you can get with both hands.

However, new research suggests that some brides-to-be aren't making the most of someone who could really give them some good assistance: their mum.

Clothing firm Marisota polled mothers of the bride for whom the wedding had come and gone and found that 40 per cent wished they could have been more involved with the planning process.

The same proportion thought they should have been consulted over the choice of wedding dress, while a third wanted to be involved in the guest list, presumably so they could invite friends and family members they knew better than the happy couple did.

However, only one in ten said they would have wanted to host the wedding rehearsal.

Perhaps it could be good for mother-daughter relationships if mum is involved from the start, as 54 per cent of those who were consulted said wedding planning had brought them closer to their daughter.

Some women might be concerned that asking mum might lead to her taking over, but they could be reassured that  the mothers of the bride consulted for this poll thought their main role should be providing general support and advice without interfering with the bride and groom's decisions.

It can be hard to please everyone when a wedding is involved, as there's a lot of pressure on making it a happy day without any hiccups, but family stresses are something nobody needs. It could therefore be good to sit down together after the engagement – bride, groom and both sets of parents – to discuss what everyone would like and avoid any misunderstandings occurring.

That way, those smiles on the wedding pictures won't have to be strained at all!

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