Miley Cyrus speaks to psychic about sadness over dog’s death

Miley Cyrus speaks to psychic about sadness over dog's death

Singer Miley Cyrus has contacted a psychic in order to help her come to terms with the loss of her beloved pet dog Floyd.

The pooch died back in April, but Miley has been publicly struggling to accept that he is gone, particularly since she wasn't there when he passed on, the Mirror reports.

She recently got a tattoo dedicated to him and has hugged a stuffed toy in the same shape as him during her stage shows. The Bangerz star also broke down in a TV interview a few weeks ago in which she admitted she doesn't want to acknowledge Floyd is dead.

"I still talk about him like he's here. So I haven't really accepted it fully. I think if I do that then he might actually like, go at some point. Which I don't really want," the 21-year-old said.

Her mother Tish has been trying to help her daughter get over the loss of her soulmate, but this backfired not long after Floyd's death when she bought Miley another dog called Moonie.

Although Miley tried to bond with the new pup, she told her Twitter followers she felt it was too soon and was guilty about 'replacing' Floyd. She also revealed she was afraid to have another small dog because Floyd was killed by a coyote. Moonie was eventually given to a friend.

Now though, Miley may finally have a chance to accept that her four-legged friend is happy in the afterlife after she employed a Hollywood-based psychic.

Melissa Bacelar told the Mirror: "I connect with the dog telepathically. Some will give me actual words but most of the time I will get images and feelings, which I then pass on to the owner."

Pets and particularly dogs are often very receptive to being contacted by psychics and mediums because of their devotion to their owners. In her book Animals And The Afterlife, Kim Sheridan recounts scores of stories about people who have been visited by their pets for years after their deaths.

If, like Miley, you're struggling to accept the loss of a pet, why not contact one of our mediums? They may be able to put you back in touch and coach you on ways of realising they are watching over you during your day-to-day life.

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