Men insist women come before football

Men insist women come before football

A new poll has seen men insist that their love lives come before football, even as the World Cup continues.

More than 250 men and women were quizzed by SexShop365 and 59 per cent of male respondents said they'd scrap watching the footy in Brazil if their girlfriend or a hot date asked to see them, even if an important game was going on. Only four per cent admitted they'd put the beautiful game first and watch it over seeing their loved one.

Perhaps this could be partly linked to the revelation that a quarter of men and women have argued with a partner in the past over time spent watching sport – they might have learnt their lesson and be keen to avoid repeating previous errors!

However, the fact that men are so willing to put their love lives first may also be connected to the fact that 43 per cent of girls would see being shunned for the footy as an offence that would need making up for later.

It comes after pictures were published in the Daily Mail showing pubs and bars in England deserted for the game against Costa Rica after the national team got knocked out of the competition at the group stage for the first time since 1958.

Despite the poll painting guys in a very favourable light, we couldn't help but notice the statistic showing that 39 per cent of male respondents claimed they planned to watch only three matches or less this World Cup, though.

With three matches taking place on most days of the tournament so far, we reckon that most of those polled might have broken their vow already.

Maybe the 37 per cent who said they planned to sit down and enjoy more than nine games were being a tad more truthful.

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