What is a medium?

If we look at the dictionary definition of ‘medium’, it explains the word as being “the intervening substance through which sensory impressions are conveyed or physical forces are transmitted”.

This helps us to understand what we mean by a medium in a spiritual sense – they are the people who can receive messages in the form of sensory impressions or physical forces from spirits in the afterlife.

It is important to mention here that not all psychics are mediums, but all mediums are psychic. While a psychic tunes into the energy of a person or object by sensing things about them, a medium will take things a stage further.

They can use their sixth sense to tune into energy coming from spirits and utilise the communications to reveal information about the people they once knew. That means a medium will rely on energy coming from outside their own body to relay information, whether it is thoughts, voices or other impressions.

The chances are that you will have come across a medium before in the realms of fiction. Famous small screen examples include Allison DuBois from Medium and Melinda Gordon from The Ghost Whisperer. Indeed, many real-life mediums really do carry out work just like these characters, including helping to solve crimes involving messages from the dead and assisting spirits with passing over to the other side.

However, the majority have dedicated themselves to using their abilities to help people just like you.

Abilities a medium possesses

As we have already mentioned, mediums connect to the spirit world to receive messages from the dead to give to the living, but they might also speak to spirit guides and angels for information.

The key thing is that they are always the bridge between earth and that other realm and that their interaction is carried out with the aim of healing or guidance.

A medium might hear voices, see the spirits or sense information in another way. For example, they can sometimes hear sounds associated with a particular spirit, smell perfumes people wore in life before they passed on or taste things they might have experienced.

They will primarily tune in to messages relating to the present or the past, which is why mediums do not commonly predict the future.

It is also important to point out that mediums can work with spirits who are happy and fulfilled on the other side, so if they come through to speak with a friend or family member, it doesn’t mean they are unhappy, have unfinished business or are haunting a place with the inability to move on.

How can a medium help me?

 Because mediums speak to spirits, people often only think of going to them when they have been bereaved. Actually, although we would be happy for you to try to contact a lost loved one, we wouldn’t encourage you to attempt this while you’re still feeling raw grief. Your turbulent emotions can disrupt messages coming through, plus you need to give the spirit chance to finish their own journey before you attempt to pull them back into a place where they are free to communicate.

However, once this bleak time has passed, it’s understandable for you to want to try and get in touch – and it can be a wonderful experience. A medium will try to link you with a spirit so that you can learn life lessons, feel free to enjoy your own existence and be comforted by the fact that your deceased friends and relatives are still looking out for you as they did on earth.

They can provide certainty, closure and perhaps even answers to some of your questions.

What happens at a consultation?

 Once you book a consultation with a medium, you might want to think of your first one as akin to a telephone conversation. However, remember that the medium is an operator who might not necessarily have the right number! That’s to say that you can’t guarantee who will come through, so try to not to be disappointed if you don’t hear from who you originally wanted.

You should expect plenty of questions as the medium attempts to clarify the often cryptic messages they are receiving – although don’t be tempted to ‘feed’ them with reams of information, as a good one just won’t need it given sufficient time.

 Write down your messages if necessary, as you may realise later that something apparently incongruous is actually really important and relevant – you wouldn’t want to miss it!

Finally, always go in with an open mind. If you are sceptical or anticipate receiving nothing, you may cloud your medium’s sixth sense and cause it to become a self-fulfilling prophecy. Instead, go in feeling positive and enjoy the experience.

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Pay By Credit / Debit Card

Receptionist available from 7am to 2am Call 0207 111 6338
£16.80 for 20, £22.80 for 30
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