Medium called in to investigate haunted nightclub

Medium called in to investigate haunted nightclub

The staff at a nightclub in Preston have revealed they are calling in a psychic medium after repeatedly being visited by a ghost.

Perfect 10s had been a totally normal nightspot until recently, when some of the dancers started to experience spooky goings-on as they got ready for their evenings' work.

A number of them have felt a presence behind them, heard footsteps and even once saw a glass being hurled from the bar, despite the fact that there was nobody nearby at the time.

One former manageress fled from the building when she was working in the offices one day and heard footsteps upstairs, while even the burly bouncers are said to be frightened by their spectral visitor.

Some of the girls think they have caught an image of an elderly man out of the corner of their eyes, so it has been suggested that the ghost could be someone who enjoyed visiting the club before he passed on.

However, the club is also close to two churches, so it could be that the spirit is a poltergeist who's angry that such an establishment is situated in such proximity to places of worship.

Manager Barry Hastewell told the Daily Star he has found the whole thing quite amusing, commenting: "It's a bit cheeky, isn't it? He gets to see the show but never pays the entry charge. I suppose if you were a ghost there's worse places to hang about."

Nevertheless, the owner has admitted that he's had enough of his dancers being spooked and has approached a psychic medium to try to work out once and for all why Perfect 10s has become the apparent home of a spirit who wants to make his presence known.

Although the poltergeist theory has been put forward, we're not convinced – angry spirits are a lot less common than the horror films would have you believe. We think it's more likely that the visitor was indeed a past customer who isn't ready to move on, for whatever reason.

After all, old pubs are among the most haunted places in Britain, so perhaps this ghost came from an era in which club attendance was more common and wanted to revisit his local again.

Perfect 10s isn't the only haunted club to be reported recently. Caesars in Streatham is home to the spirit of a former barmaid called Natalie who was strangled there, Your Local Guardian reported.

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