Living at home could thwart dating chances

Living at home could thwart dating chances

In the quest for love, there are all sorts of techniques and tactics that can help singletons find their Mr Right, but it would seem that living at home with the parents isn't one of them. A third of women looking for love would be put off having a relationship with someone if they lived with their parents, a study has shown.

According to findings by thinkmoney's Great Escape campaign, 32 per cent of young, eligible women would turn down a relationship with someone who still lives at home, Easier reports. Meanwhile, the Office for National Statistics (ONS) has revealed that the same number of men aged between 20 and 34 still live at home.

The thinkmoney survey highlights that 13 per cent of men living in the parental home moved back after a failed relationship, while 17 per cent said they lived with family because they couldn't afford to buy a property of their own.

More than a third of males aged between 18 and 34 were found to live with their parents because the cost of renting is to high, while 27 per cent said it was a stop-gap while they save up for a deposit on their own property.

Spokesman for thinkmoney, Ian Williams, commented: "Many young adults are forced, or choose, to live at home because the cost of getting a place of their own is prohibitive. Whilst both sexes – but women in particular – claim that dating somebody who lives with their parents is a deal breaker, you have to wonder whether this ideal is sacrificed if they find Mr or Miss right."

In addition to living with parents, other top turn-offs for women include bad habits like leaving hair in the plughole or clothes on the floor – a study by found that 41 per cent of women would be deterred from having a relationship with a man who clogged up the plughole, while 34 per cent said the same of a prospective partner who failed to tidy up their clothing.

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