Let go of limiting beliefs to boost your relationships

Let go of limiting beliefs to boost your relationships

We all know someone who seems to go through an endless stream of relationships, never able to find the right person for them.

However, it could be that they are unwittingly sabotaging these fledgling romances because they have enforced limiting beliefs on themselves.

This is according to holistic love coach Collette Gee, writing for the Huffington Post Canada, who explained that our beliefs are not reality, but rather our thoughts about reality.

As a result, the world in which we live and the relationships we attrach are shaped by our own beliefs about ourselves, whether they are limiting or empowering.

"If we want to change who and what we're attracted to, then we must be willing to challenge what we think, to transform our beliefs," she commented.

For example, being afraid that someone will leave you or that you are too old to find love are both limiting beliefs, while acknowledging that the past does not equal the future is empowering.

"Once we become aware of the fact that what we believe about ourselves is being revealed by the quality of our relationships, we may begin to openly and honestly question our beliefs. This in turn eliminates our limiting beliefs and makes room for the empowering beliefs," said Ms Gee.

There is a famous quote by Mahatma Gandhi that says your beliefs become your thoughts and your thoughts become your words, so this is undoubtedly good advice and all about creating a positive picture of yourself before looking for happiness with others.

Once in a relationship, going for a romantic meal once a month, saying 'I love you' before going to sleep and kissing five times a day were rated as most important in keeping it happy in a recent survey by Relate and Relationships Scotland.

To find out new ways to create empowering beliefs, you could consider booking an appointment with one of our psychic life coaches, who can help you practise affirmations.

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