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Here's our brief guide to the seven chakras.

Holistic healers and psychics often mention chakras and if you're not entirely sure what they are, you're not likely to get the best from your sessions and understand why different healing processes are carried out.

Here, we'll present our brief guide to what chakras are and why we are concerned with them in order to achieve an improved sense of wellbeing.

What are chakras?

The word chakra comes from the Sanskrit for wheel or wheel of spinning energy. Originally used in Indian yoga, chakras are centres of energy that form an invisible pathway through the human body, connecting the endocrine glands that are vital for hormone production. 

A range of different cultures feature chakras, including Buddhism and Chi, but in the west we use a model of seven centres, each with its own colour, body part and crystal associations.

The chakras can be accessed with meditation, yoga, psychic readings and crystal healing in order to bring the mind, spirit and body back into balance.

The seven chakras

1.    Root

Located in the base of the spine, this represents a feeling of being grounded and is linked with issues such as financial independence and food – basic survival instincts.

2.    Sakral

Situated in the lower abdomen, this affects our ability to accept change, including people and experiences. Our wellbeing, sexuality and pleasure centres stem from here.

3.    Solar plexus

Found in the stomach area, this chakra is linked to how confident and in control we are, so it is responsible for our self-worth and self-confidence.

4.    Heart

Located in the centre of the chest, this chakra is unsurprisingly connected with how we love and so is linked to emotional issues, such as love and joy.

5.    Throat

We don't need to tell you where this chakra is found as the clue is in the name. It is connected with communication issues and on an emotional level, our ability to speak the truth or express ourselves.

6.    Third eye

Found in the centre of the forehead between the eyes and sometimes called the brow chakra, this is concerned with how able we are to see the big picture and use our intuition and imagination.

7.    Crown

The last chakra is situated on the top of the head and is the point at which we connect with the spiritual world. It is focused on inner beauty and deep-seated satisfaction.

Why do chakras matter?

Chakras act as an energy field that travels around the body like a current of electricity. If our chakras are open, they are considered to be acting as they should and we will feel in a state of balance.

However, blockages in any of them can lead to illness and disturbances to our wellbeing. It's unfortunately quite easy to experience these blockages, as they can be caused by stress, being hurt physically or feeling emotional stress such as that caused by bereavement.

Indeed, we were once told by a regular visitor that she had suffered a series of physical ailments following the death of a grandparent, from flu and a kidney infection to back pain. Upon undergoing reiki, she discovered that by suppressing her feelings, she had blocked her throat chakra and thrown her body out of balance.

How to rebalance your chakras

If you have realised that your chakras are out of whack – even if that's been caused by something less serious than a death in the family – they don't worry. There are actually a number of ways in which they can be rebalanced for a better, healthier flow of energy.

You can take a look at each one separately (lots of guides are available online or in books) and try some techniques to unblock them. For example, failing to express yourself might block the throat chakra, which can be relieved by talking to someone you trust. If you like, do this confidentially with one of our psychic life coaches. The root chakra can be rebalanced by walking barefoot or practising yoga.

If you feel you need more help, you might want to try crystal healing or reiki. We have published guides to both on these pages before, so feel free to visit our archives if you want more in-depth information.


Your chakras can be rebalanced if you place particular crystals directly or close to the points at which they are situated around the body and allow the stones to pass their energy into your channels. Each chakra is linked to a crystal type, so do a little research and then invest in some small pieces with which to meditate.


Experienced reiki practitioners will know exactly how to balance your chakras, so seek a reliable one out in your area and make an appointment. They will place their hands directly above your chakra points without touching you and draw the energy to them, revitalising its flow and overcoming any blockages. You should feel a sense of movement as this occurs and perhaps even the negative energy being drawn out of your root and crown chakras.

Given that the chakras make up such a large part of our inner body, it's no wonder that they can have a big effect on our wellbeing. Try getting yours back into a sense of equilibrium and see if it makes a difference to the way you feel.

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