Jobseekers ‘need to tell a story about themselves’

Jobseekers 'need to tell a story about themselves'

When you are putting together a CV it can be easy to get caught up with the details of your experience and what qualifications you have, but this may be the wrong approach, according to recent research.

A report by youth employment charity Brathay Trust found that 19 per cent of managers said they thought  all the CVs that came across their desk looked the same.

Standing out from the crowd is vital if you want your CV to take you from the in-tray to the interview room, so it is important that you make an effort with yours. This is particularly so when you consider that one-third of those hiring said potentially good candidates are failing to secure roles because their applications are sub-standard.

If you think qualifications are all that employers are interested in, you would be very much mistaken. Over one-third of those questioned (38 per cent) said they want young candidates in particular to pay more attention to so-called soft skills, such as communication.

Jez Anderson, head of apprenticeship development at Brathay Trust, said in an interview with HR magazine that CVs must be more than "a catalogue of qualifications".

Another study by the Association of Graduate Recruiters (AGR) confirms concerns over the quality of job applications.

It shows that a staggering 87 per cent of employers are reporting unfilled vacancies for 2014.

Stephen Isherwood, chief executive of the AGR, said that "candidates fall down at the application stage" because they are not taking time to think about how to tailor their CV for the job.

He suggests those looking for jobs should conduct research into the sector they want to work in and the roles they are interested in. This also means you should understand yourself and what makes you tick. 

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