Janet Street Porter: We should all give mindfulness a try

Janet Street Porter: We should all give mindfulness a try

Think of Janet Street-Porter and you might associate her with forthright opinions and a carefully forged career as opposed to someone who takes time out to smell the roses.

However, these associations might not be entirely accurate, if her latest column for the Daily Mail is anything to go by.

In her piece, the popular TV personality lamented the fact that so few people tend to spend time alone with their thoughts these days, opting instead to stare at websites or chat and text on their phones.

She also cited a Science magazine study which found that a sample of participants chose to give themselves mild electric shocks rather than sit quietly in a room with no outside stimulation for a designated period of time.

Janet explained that this need for non-stop entertainment is being made worse by the fact that we expose children to constant background noise from TVs and advertising and warn young employees that they may get the sack unless they look busy at all times.

"Now, the rot has spread through all age groups. Being 'busy' and claiming to be 'overworked' has become a badge of honour in the modern world – and yet that's a hollow philosophy. When do we have time to think about ourselves?" she added.

Instead of subscribing to this over-connectivity, Janet recommended taking time out every single day to be more mindful of your inner thoughts. She suggested 15 minutes of mindfulness can have all kinds of benefits, something she believes we should be instilling in our offspring from an early age.

"Too much solitude can be heart-breaking. But losing the ability to be alone for even short periods of time is equally worrying. Do yourself a big favour and learn to live with your own thoughts. It's not that scary," Janet concluded.

We're pleased to hear Janet is an advocate of mindfulness, as it's something we firmly recommend here at PsychicsOnline. We should all learn to be more aware of our thoughts and feelings so that we're able to manage them as opposed to being overwhelmed by them.

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