Is 34 the most stressful age for women?

Is 34 the most stressful age for women? (Thinkstock/BananaStock)

The age that women are happiest is 25, but once they reach 34 they are the most stressed, a study conducted by beauty company Inner Me suggests.

In a survey of 2,000 women, reported by the Daily Mail, it was revealed that at the age of 34, finding a balance between work and family life reaches its most stressful period, while the most joyful stage in life for women is in their mid-twenties.

The sixth biggest cause of stress was said to be worrying about attractiveness. This was followed by a fear of losing their looks. In comparison, 25-year-old women were shown to have far fewer worries about their physical appearance, with topics such as weight and looks not sparking concern.  

Other factors which were seen to contribute to the most stressful age included paying bills and mortgages, insufficient funds, and worrying about the wellbeing of family members and friends.

Nikki Cooper, founder of Inner Me, said: "As women enter their early to mid-thirties, balancing the demands of work and family life can be really hard work, and the ladies of this country can often find they have little 'me' time."

Past research provides support for the recent findings, as a survey by Axa Wealth Management revealed that on average 34 is the most expensive age, with the biggest expenditures being property, weddings, children and home improvements.

Referring to the recent study, television nutritionist Amanda Hamilton pointed out the concerning fact that in just under a decade, women can experience the happiest years of their lives and then the most stressful. She said this could lead to unwanted health implications, so it's important that women look after themselves to keep their "inner me" happy no matter their age.

Stress can be beaten in a number of ways. For example, regular psychic life-coaching with the help of an expert could help to combat stress and encourage individuals to feel happier with themselves and their lives from within.

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