How to use crystals to bring love into your life

How to use crystals to bring love into your life

By definition, crystals are minerals that form underground, with the largest concentration coming from the Earth's solid bedrock.

Not only are they usually very beautiful to look at, but they are also valued by spiritualists for having particular traits and attributes that can help people connect with their higher selves and benefit from positive energy.

Because their constituent parts – their atoms or molecules – are arranged in a very uniform way that extends three-dimensionally, we believe that they have a sort of memory and the ability to hold on to the energy they receive from their environment.

That's why they are especially useful for assisting you with bringing love into your life. Your crystals will collect your love and your desire for it, then redistribute it either back to your surroundings or right back to you when you require it.

All you need to do is select your crystal, prepare it and then keep it close at hand.

Choosing a crystal

Crystals are widely available these days, with specialist stores and fairs selling them throughout the country. Although they are also sold online, we'd always recommend selecting yours in person – the right one will choose you just as much as you choose it!

Remember that you don't just need to be looking for romantic love either – crystals can increase self-love, attract the love needed for fertility, boost the bonds associated with deep friendship and even help find your perfect career.

Some stones you might want to look out for include:

•    Clear quartz – a good all-rounder
•    Rose quartz – for romance
•    Citrine – to increase your love for yourself (self-esteem)
•    Amethyst – for calling soul mates
•    Green Aventurine – to find true friendship

It's a good idea to decide which you want in advance though, otherwise you could end up simply buying items that look pretty.

Approach the stand and take a good look at the crystals available. Pick them up, examine them and listen for the one that calls to you spiritually, that you can't bear to put down again – that's the one you should buy.

Cleansing your crystal

You might not be the only person to pick up your crystal, plus it will have been absorbing the energy of the shop from which it came, so it's important to cleanse it prior to use.

This can be done by either putting it in a bowl of salt water overnight, or leaving it in a secure place outside while it rains. This is especially effective during the moonlight, as the crystal will be absorbing natural energy.

Programming a crystal

Once your crystal has been cleansed, you can fill it with your love and positive energy so it's ready to attract the love you desire into your life.

This is easy – just put the crystal in your right hand and cup your left hand over it. Hold it in front of your heart (love flows from your heart chakra) and empty your mind of fears and negativity. 

Next, think about what it is you most desire – romantic love, a baby or more romance with your partner, perhaps – and pour it into the crystal. You might want to say an affirmation such as 'I call love into my heart' or 'I programme this crystal to bring me love' at this point, followed by a thank-you to the universe for your new connection.

Keep your crystal handy

Now your crystal has been programmed, it will be attuned to your energy and that which you desire, but it will also be radiating the love you put into it slowly.

You should therefore put it in a place where you spend a lot of time. Your desk would be ideal, or the windowsill near your front door so you see it each time you go out. It could also be a good idea to sleep with it under your pillow, as testimony from our experts here at PsychicsOnline suggests that it could bring the answers you desire into your dreams.

It's important to remember that cleansing and programming crystals isn't like casting a spell that aims to make a lover appear in a puff of smoke. Instead, they will radiate energy that creates a healthy state of mind, leaving you more open to the prospect of love and removing the obstacles that might be blinding you to it.

Over time, you should find yourself feeling more positive and grounded – why not try doing a little research and looking for your love crystal today?

Over time, you will get used to incorporating crystals into your everyday life and be able to learn how to use them to fulfil other purposes too, such as spiritual healing – something we will go into at a later date.

In the meantime, if you need any further help on attracting love into your life, just get in touch with one of our psychics via phone, text or instant message.

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