How to harness the power of colour and balance your wellbeing

Colour therapy can make a real difference to your wellbeing.

Although we regularly publish guides to using objects such as crystals for therapeutic purposes, we appreciate that some of you might not have the time to collect them, connect with them and then ensure you remember to carry them with you to absorb the benefits.

However, there is one type of therapy that you can easily use on an everyday basis with very little effort at all – colour.

Using colour to balance the body and mind is something people have been doing for thousands of years. Indeed, there is evidence from Ancient Egypt suggesting its people believed heavily in the power of colour as a healer and grounding force without being invasive.

Even individuals who aren't particularly spiritual acknowledge that colour does seem to have an effect on their moods, so they use the principles of colour therapy perhaps without even realising it.

Why does colour have an effect on us?

It's not surprising that colour can have an effect on the human body. After all, if you cast your mind back to secondary school physics lessons, you'll remember that the colour spectrum is made up of light of varying wavelengths and, as such, different levels of energy.

This energy enters the body, where it has the ability to enhance our energy centres or chakras and balance out any areas where we might have been lacking.

You can therefore try using different colours whenever you're feeling depleted or out of sorts, whether it's physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually. Of course, you can also apply them when you simply want to relax.

The benefits are often quick to manifest and very obvious – you might feel quickly calmed during periods of stress, for instance, or perked up when you were in need of a boost.

However, it's important to point out here that as always, you shouldn't use any form of holistic therapy instead of traditional medicine or as an alternative to seeking advice from your GP; if you have a medical problem, get help from your doctor as soon as possible.

Choosing colours for therapy

You might think you haven't got a clue about which colours to choose for therapeutic purposes, but this probably isn't the case at all. Indeed, because your body will always try to balance itself out, you are likely to be drawn to the colours you need already.

Perhaps you often choose blue clothes or accessories? The chances are you're quite highly strung and your body is craving a calming influence. You just need to tap into this innate ability and ensure you aren't going against it by only opting for hues that are in fashion.

It is possible to help yourself out though, by ensuring you're surrounded by a balanced colour palette all day long.

Red is a hot colour associated with vitality, passion, stimulation and revolution, while orange is joyful, warming, awakening to wisdom and linked to creativity.

Green is cooling, calming and soothing, but it could also help you get closer to nature and deal with new beginnings.

Meanwhile, blue is also calming, but is said to assist with far-sightedness and understanding, so you might want to use this if you need clarity in order to make a big decision.

How to get more colour into your life

The obvious way of ensuring you're exposed to the colours you need is by painting your walls, or at least one feature wall in a room in which you spend a lot of time. Not only will it spruce up your home ready for a new season, but it should also provide you with a real psychological boost each morning.

A living room would look great in warming orange, while a study or homework room will be great in green.

However, another good tip is to try some new clothes in hues you might not usually wear. You body will absorb the energy directly from them all day long.

Even if you feel there is a colour that doesn't suit you – red is a common one, for example – it's still possible to incorporate it into your wardrobe if you're depleted in it. Why not try a red scarf so you still get all the benefits but aren't overwhelmed by the colour?

Finally, it's even possible to try colour therapy if you feel you can't spare the money for interior design or a new wardrobe at this precise time – you can simply visualise the hues.

Shut your eyes and think of a bright rainbow, or of glowing orbs of coloured light, and hold them in your mind's eye for a few minutes, focusing on the energy radiating from them. You could also let your body tell you which colours you need to visualise by sitting down and asking for the ones you need in order to restore balance.

Visualisation can be really powerful and is easy for anyone at any time, plus it doesn't involve spending a penny!

Make the most of the new season and try colour therapy this week to see if you can achieve more balance in your life.

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