How to connect with your spiritual self

How to connect with your spiritual self (Liquid Library)

Many of us spend a great part of our lives on the quest for inner peace and happiness, embarking on everything from exotic travels to art classes to help in the process.

One way that this goal could be achieved is by connecting with your spiritual self. But what exactly does this involve?

What is the higher self?

The spiritual – or higher – self is a part of everyone and is essentially the consciousness of a person's soul. If that sounds a little too difficult for you to believe, then you probably haven't connected with yours yet.

First, you need to believe – you need to want to connect with that part of you that controls your every move and decision throughout life, as that's what your spiritual self is all about. It's the plan you made for yourself before you were incarnated, which is something we surely all want to connect with on a deeper level to ensure our lives are being directed down the right path.

How could connecting with it change you?

Making that connection with your spiritual self could totally transform your outlook on life for the better, giving you that much-needed direction towards the next step in your journey or allowing you to open your heart and mind that bit wider to accept peace and love into your being.

So how exactly can you make contact with your higher self?

Open your heart

If you're not 100 per cent ready to get in touch with your spiritual self, you won't truly be able to connect with it, so you need to make sure you believe with your whole heart before you begin the process.

Whether this involves religion, or your own spirituality, opening your heart and mind is all about developing the insight and perception to enable your higher self to come into its own.


One of the most common ways people tap into their spiritual self is through the art of meditation.

This is all about taking time out to be quiet and contemplate life, while clearing your mind of cluttering thoughts. Breathing deeply and rhythmically can help you to channel this, paving the way for your higher self to come through and connect with the rest of your body.

Another favourite meditation tactic of many is to envision their whole body being filled with a golden ball of light, allowing this thought to consume their entire being. This can help you and your higher self to feel empowered and ready to take on the world – or anything that life might be throwing at you.

Taking the time to nurture and communicate to your spiritual self can also provide calm and that deep-level connection.

For instance, conducting an inner dialogue with it will let it know you've not forgotten about it and want to tap into it, but you might not be quite ready to do so just yet.

Share your thoughts and dreams with your higher self and begin asking it questions – eventually, answers will begin to come.

Start a journal

Noting down your thoughts and feelings in a journal could also help your spiritual self to come through.

Being able to see these written down in black and white in front of you will allow you to take the time to analyse them in greater depth, which is something that your higher self can assist with.

You can record both initial questions and the answers you get from your mind in a journal, meaning you can look back on these results in the future when you might not have connected with your higher self for some time.

How to recognise a connection

You may practice these techniques regularly, but how will you know when you've finally made that connection with your spiritual self?

Chances are, whenever you've experienced overwhelming feelings of peace, passion, happiness, joy and harmony in your life, this has been a sign that your body and higher self are fully aligned.

However, the change that getting in touch with your spiritual self can bring may not necessarily make itself felt in such a dramatic way – sometimes, when we make those deep connections in life, we just know.

How we can help

Another way that you could get in touch with your spiritual self is by getting a psychic reading from one of our mediums. This could help you to finally realise what your higher self is all about, while particular Tarot cards coming up during your session could lead you closer towards the path in life that your spiritual self has in store for you – and we at PsychicsOnline could give you that little extra push that you've been in need of.

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