Helen Mirren: Love will come into your life when it’s right

Helen Mirren: Love will come into your life when it's right

Dame Helen Mirren has been talking about her happiness after finding love later in life – and about how she's glad she met her husband when she did.

The 68-year-old star of The Queen told Oprah Winfrey's O magazine she sometimes used to say to her partner Taylor Hackford that she wished she had met him earlier so they could have enjoyed more time together.

She dated Taylor for 11 years before finally tying the knot in 1997 and they have been together ever since.

"He'd say, 'We'd never be together now if we met earlier.' And I think he's actually right because we were both on a trajectory of work and ambition and, of course, to a certain extent, wanting to resolve ourselves as ourselves," she commented.

Dame Helen admitted that relationships did take second place to her work at one point, so perhaps the couple might not have hit it off had they met as younger people. However, once Taylor arrived, the actress started to think differently.

"He came into my life, and I started thinking, 'Maybe it's time to have a different attitude – and to say that my relationship is at least as important as my work'. To give it the time," she explained.

Dame Helen added that having children was not her destiny, so she clearly puts a lot of emphasis on things happening for a reason in life and making the most of what you've got.

She's not the only one who believes you should welcome love at whatever time in your life it crops up, either.

A poll carried out last year by Age UK found that one in eight over-65s is actively looking for a new relationship, with two-thirds of that age group considering having a romantic companion as important.

Now we're starting to live longer, healthier lives, it's surely never too late to meet up with your soulmate.

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