Gwyneth Paltrow embraces spiritual side for Goop

Gwyneth Paltrow embraces spiritual side for Goop (All Star)

In her latest blog post on Goop, Gwyneth Paltrow spoke to American spiritual medium Jill Willard, who explained her practice and unveiled the power of becoming intuitive and trusting your gut.

Paltrow admitted she had never had a psychic reading before, but is on a mission to experience a variety of methods that help to expand, heal and better understand life's mysteries.

However, Willard doesn't refer to herself as a psychic, and instead views herself as a medium who guides people towards getting in touch with their spiritual side by tapping into their own intuition.

In an extensive interview, Gwyneth questioned the medium about a range of spiritual topics, including auras, destiny, the seven chakras and Willard's own personal experiences.

She tells Paltrow: "I feel we must learn to trust our bodies and healing capacities, which are essential to unlocking both ourselves and high consciousness.

"We have all had the experience of listening to our gut and then learning a very hard lesson.

"When you have psychic or intuitive abilities, you learn how to be present within yourself – and you are then protected."

Willard continues by saying she believes everyone in society should be more connected, deeming factors like making eye contact and going for meals and walks with loved ones as the solution.

This advice no doubt boded well with Paltrow, who despite splitting from Coldplay singer Chris Martin in March this year, maintains a close relationship with him.

According to Us Weekly, it has been confirmed Martin purchased a home directly across the street from his ex-wife, so their children could spend time at each parent's house with ease.

And it appears Gwyneth isn't the only star to embrace her spiritual side; actress Eva Green is also a believer of the supernatural.

In an interview with British magazine Hello!, Green expressed her belief in some other force, despite not being religious.

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