Girls’ nights out take some preparation

Girls' nights out take some preparation

Every girl knows that getting ready for a night out is often better and more fun than the actual night out itself – you can mess about with all your favourite makeup, dance to your favourite songs on the radio and daydream about who you might meet.

However, a new poll has demonstrated just how seriously women take their preparations – by showing that sometimes, it's three days of a job.

Researchers from feelunique quizzed ladies in their twenties and discovered that the average girls' night out does indeed involve three days of careful planning, with more than an hour applying up to 14 different beauty products on the evening itself.

More is spent on purchases ahead of the celebration than when it is underway too, the Daily Mail reports, with half of respondents admitting to going a little OTT with this and having to hide impulse buys from a partner.

Since the preening process can take twice as long when friends are on the scene, most women prefer to do it alone, but they no doubt take their posse to the ladies' loos on the three trips necessary – on average –  to reapply their makeup during the night out

And far from taking nothing but a phone, their keys and their purse, girls are cramming their handbags to the hilt with lipstick or gloss, perfume and compact powder to ensure they look their best at all times.

Siobhan McDermott of feelunique said: "We know that lots of girls are beauty obsessed but this research shows just what levels girls go to to look their best for a night out with friends."

Meanwhile, women bored of the typical pub or wine bar nights out may be hoping that a new trend from the US makes its way over here.

Vixen is the brainchild of former Miami Heat basketball team dancer Janet Jones and is a hip-hop dance class with a nightclub feel that gives girls the chance to have an evening out with their mates but get fit at the same time, Reuters reports.

"It's all about wearing your sexiest leggings, putting on your brightest red lipstick and taking your hair down so you can bend over and shake it," said regular participant Jolie Bedini.

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