Ghostly figure spotted in Oxfordshire B&B

Ghostly figure spotted in Oxfordshire B&B (Wikipedia)

It's not often you encounter a ghost or spirit, but that's exactly what happened to a woman in Oxford during a paranormal investigation of Langsmeade House in Oxfordshire.

Michelle Morris is a 42-year-old Forensic Psychology student at the Open University and believes she captured a photo of the spirit of a nanny who used to reside at the hotel.

The student has been ghost hunting for one year. Langsmeade House marked her 12th investigation and the first in which she had spotted a spiritual presence.

Her ghostly sighting is said to be of a nanny who remains in the house because she is guilt-ridden after a child fell from a tree and died under her care in the World War Two period.

Built in 1924, the B&B has received reports of spirit sightings on numerous occasions from guests, but none have claimed to spot the nanny.

Speaking about her spooky experience, Michelle said: "I was outside with a group of guests and we were investigating the grounds.

"We decided to head towards the house and when I looked up there was a lot of activity on the top floor.

"That's when I started taking photos as I knew it was something paranormal."

One of the guests on the hunt claims to have heard a child whisper in his ear "I fell out of a tree", she added.

Michelle continues by expressing her love for her chosen career path and said that the Langsmeade House photograph makes it all the more worthwhile.

However, in an interview with the Daily Mail, owner of the property Marianne Aben admitted the B&B may well be haunted, but is not aware of the death of a nanny.

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