Forget traditional dating – try the Tube!

Forget traditional dating - try the Tube!

For most of us, underground railways are a rather tedious means to an end; they get us to and from work or social engagements, but we don't really think much about them beyond that.

However, one man has suggested that they could be key to singletons looking for love – because they are the ideal place to strike up conversations.

Despite the official etiquette on the Tube or Subway being to board, deliberately avoid eye contact and effectively pretend there's no one else in the carriage but you, author Brian Robinson wants to turn this around.

In his book How to Meet Women on the Subway, he explains that he has chatted to around 500 ladies on New York City's public transit system, making it better than countless bars and restaurants.

He told the Daily Mail his usual technique is to ask for directions, then make a comment on something like the woman's accent. After this, he would quickly say his stop was coming up (even if it wasn't) and then ask for her email address.

"Once you've gotten some interest, then you leave. So you're not asking her out on the subway, because it's just too awkward," said Mr Robinson.

The writer insisted that his approach isn't creepy, commenting: "If you're polite and you're genuine and you're nice, women will sometimes let the wall come down and they're like 'he's not so crazy after all'. And before you know it, you've got the email or the phone number and you leave."

But despite this enthusiasm for the Subway, Mr Robinson did reveal that he met the woman who became his wife last year – on a dating website.

Nevertheless, it might be worth trying this approach on the Tube the next time you're standing there in bored silence.

Earlier this year, a survey suggested that women are eager to find guys who are physically fit, ambitious and thoughtful, while men are on the lookout for driven, perceptive and passionate women.

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