Father recalls astonishing moment angel saved his son

Father recalls astonishing moment angel saved his son

A man has spoken about how he is certain a guardian angel stepped in to save his son from certain death or serious injury in a road accident in Washington, USA 35 years ago.

Micah Smith told the Light Notes section of the Tri-City Herald that it had been his toddler Ryan's third birthday in 1979 and the family had been visiting the little boy's grandmother for a celebration.

They got back into their Ford pickup truck well before nightfall to avoid being on the interstate in the dark, but it was another hazard that almost conspired to devastate the family.

In those days, cars didn't have seatbelts and as Micah took a sharp left over the route to America's deepest gorge, a fault caused the passenger door to swing open – and little Ryan was at the side of it, with another vehicle right behind them.

Micah shuddered as he explained that every detail of that awful scene still stands out to him, commenting: "The whine of the truck tyres as we rounded the corner, the wind blowing through the cab, the speedometer needle on 35."

The horrified father tried to make a grab for his son but just missed his arm and said he felt certain the tot would either be killed falling onto the highway or down the gorge, or would be hit by the car behind.

However, none of these scenarios came to pass – because something unexplainable happened next instead.

"Instead of seeing our little boy roll and tumble onto the highway behind us, we saw him suspended in mid-air outside of the pickup," he said.

The delay allowed Ryan's mother Nancy to recover and grab his arm, pulling him back into the vehicle.

Ryan is now 38 and it may have been this experience that influenced his decision to become a pastor in Australia.

Micah said he feels certain that a guardian angel was looking down on his family that day and stepped in to prevent Ryan from being killed.

Indeed, there are stories of guiding presences in times of great tribulation throughout history, a phenomenon referred to as The Third Man. Famous examples include soldiers being helped to safety during the First World War or stricken office workers being encouraged to find their way out of the burning World Trade Centre on 9/11.

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