Eva Green reveals she believes in spirituality

Eva Green reveals she believes in spirituality

Actress Eva Green has been popping up on our screens quite a lot lately, having appeared in Sin City 2 and on TV as Vanessa in the hit series Penny Dreadful.

The 34-year-old chatted to Hello! magazine and revealed she has more in common with her small screen alter ego than fans might think, because she also believes in the more spiritual side of things.

She might not go as far as channelling demons and becoming dangerously possessed as she does in the programme, but Eva said she does think certain things exist that we don't necessarily understand.

"There are forces, yes – I'm not religious but I believe there is something other," she commented.

Eva is perhaps more inclined than most to have a connection with her spiritual side, as she revealed she has a very interesting pal.

"One of my friends is a psychic. She doesn't talk about it because people might think she's crazy, but she has visions and has told me some interesting things about my own life," the French star revealed.

Tantalisingly, Eva didn't reveal exactly what she has been privy to thanks to her buddy, but it may be that they help her with her confidence – she admitted she's nowhere near as confident as the characters she portrays on screen.

"I'm not confident in real life. I'm drawn to play characters who aren't like me because sometimes they're the people I wish I could be in real life," she sighed.

Other things that help calm her down and keep her chilled include reconnecting with the outside world.

"[I love] to go for long walks in the mountains, especially Switzerland. I've always loved mountains – I went to them with my family when young. The contact with nature makes me feel human. And pampering myself afterwards with a massage is the best treat," Eva said.

We think Eva has definitely got the best idea when it comes to calming her nerves. Perhaps you could do the same, even if you don't have a psychic friend. You can easily chat to one of our psychic experts, then go for a nice long walk to contemplate what you've been told.

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