Egyptian relic discovered in Essex house

A sarcophagus has been discovered in Essex.

An ancient relic from Egypt has been discovered – in the cavity wall of a home in Essex. This most unlikely of discoveries was made after the owner of the property died and a team was called in to empty it and carry out refurbishments.

Auctioneer Stephen Drake explained that a hole had been knocked in an outside wall for easier access and he peered in.

Standing upright inside the cavity was a cobweb-covered sarcophagus, complete with the traditional painted face and hieroglyphics.

"It was just like a scene from an Indiana Jones movie," said the astounded professional. "I believe the previous owner may have collected old artefacts. There were other very old items in the house."

Tentative estimates from experts at Cambridge University have suggested that the six-foot relic could date back as far as 700 BC, but more information is hopefully to be unveiled soon by Egyptologists at the famous British Museum – the recipients of Tutankhamen's mummy in the 1920s.

If the initial guesses are correct, that would mean the coffin came from the dynasty of Pharoah Shebitku.

However, it remains a mystery as to how this incredible artefact ended up inside the wall of a house in Bradwell-on-Sea, a place not usually linked to ancient Egypt.

Sarcophagi were first used in around 2081 BC in Egypt, when they were made of wood or limestone. They were eventually made in various types of other materials, including solid gold in the case of top royalty.

Fortunately, the mummy that would once have resided inside the coffin was not present in this instance, or the owner of the house may have experienced some unusual phenomena. The Egyptians believed in protecting mummies from tomb-robbers using amulets hidden inside their wrappings.

When the spirits of the dead had successfully reached the afterlife, they became akh with akhw power, a special type of magic. Such a spirit might not have enjoyed life in a cavity wall in Essex.

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